A . Costs Estimate For Trade Marks Application in Thailand 泰国商标注册申请费用
(for simple straightforward application 以一个简单的申请计算 )

Ⅰ. SEARCH 查询( Optional 非必须的) USD a) Availability search-comprehensive report 综合的查询及报告 $300
申请前查询的作用是找出类似或相同并对申请有影响的已申请 / 注册的商标。 Ⅱ .a) FILING OF APPLICATION 申请 费用 ((for one trademark one class 一个商标申请一个类别 ) $800 The fees includes professional service fees of classifying the goods or services, preparing the relevant application form , filing the application and reporting filing particulars.
此费用包括准备和处理必需的授权书文件、协助申请人选择申请类别、准备和提交申请、缴付官方费用以及报告申请资料 . b) Notarization 公证 (for one trademark one class 一个商标一个类别 ) $250
Including preparation of POA (Power of attorney) 包括准备授权书 c) ACCEPTANCE OF REGISTRATION (for one trademark one class) $420

The fees includes professional service fees of reporting the allowance of publication, preparing for the publication of Government Gazette, paying official fees, reporting acceptance of registration, obtaining and forwarding the Certificate of Registration.
Validity: TEN (10) years.
Validity: TEN (10)years 有效期为十年 . Ⅲ .MISC. ( Additional Service Charges 额外服务 ) a) Drafting, Amending and Filing Arguments 申辩费用
( simple argument per case 以每个简单的申辩 计算 ) $400 -$1 , 300 The argument fees may be adjusted based on the complexity of the cases, separate quotation will be issued for cases involving court proceeding.
此费用只限于一般申辩及会因为案件的复杂程度而有所调整。另涉及法院程序的案件会根据个别律师的费用而定,我方将会预先通知。 b) Renewal 续期( for 10 years )有效期为十年 i) For one mark one class(10 items) 一个商标及一个类别 (10 个项目 )
Government fees and professional service fees 官费及服务费 $ 500
C) Change of Address/Name of Applicant 更改申请人地址及名称
( including government fees 包括官费) $250

B . Procedure for applying trade mark registration 商标注册申请的程序
Ⅰ .A word, logo or both, which is distinctive, can be applied for trademark registration.
任何具显著性的文字?图案或文字加图案的标记均可申请注册。 Ⅱ . An availability search is usually recommended to find out w hether there is any similar or identical filed/registered marks which may bar your application. After the search, the filing of the mark will be applied in the specified class with up to 10 designed goods or services. There are totally 45 classes. The fees for trademark application is for 10 years and the trademark could be renewed every 10 years.
申请前查询的作用是找出类似或相同并对申请有影响的已申请 / 注册的商标。查询后再分类为最多十项指定物品或服务,总共有 45 类。费用为有效期十年。之后可在到期日或之前,续期十年。 Ⅲ . After the filing of the application, the Registry will examine the mark i n the application. If the application fulfills the requirement, then the application will be granted by the examiner and the Registry will require the applicant to advertise the trademark. If no opposition to the application is filed in 2 months time, the Registry will grant the application and issue the certificate. The time span from filing to obtaining a trademark will normally take approximately 12 to 15 months.
提交申请后,商标注册署审查员会对申请作出审查。如申请合乎商标法条例及没有抵触其他注册或已申请注册的商标,注册署会发出公告许可证及列明商标获准注册所须遵办的条件。如在公告日期起计之 2 个月内没有人提出反对,申请人将便可申领注册证书。由申请日至发出证书需时大约 12 到 15 个月。 REMARKS
1 . It is important to note that all figures given above are estimates rather than strict quotations, and are representative of our typical current charges on ordinary cases of ordinary complexity. The cost will be higher if, in carrying out the work, more time is required than is here anticipated, or if any additional matters or points arise. The estimates are based upon the information that is presently available. We cannot guarantee the estimates for obvious reasons.
一切数字 / 金额只作参考,外贸。 2. Time Requirement-It normally needs 15-24 months for smooth application.
所需时间:大约 12-15 个月(一般情况) 3. For payment in US dollar(USD), please divide the amount by 7.7 and round up to the nearest dollar. (e.g. HKD 3000 in USD →USD (3000/7.7) =USD 390).
如付美元,请以兑换率 1 : 7.7 计算。(例:港币 3000= 美元( 3000/7.7 ) =390 ) [table=98%][tr][td][/td][/tr][/table]